How to use Learn website for MS exams

So you have decided to take the plunge and prepare for a Microsoft exam. In this article I am going to provide you a step-by-step guide on how to approach any Microsoft exam in order to maximize your learning and passing probability. So, without further ado, let’s get started:Find your relevant exam on Microsoft’s Learn website. For the purpose of this article I am going to reference the PL-100 (Power Platform App Maker) exam.

On the exam page, look for the Skills measured section and use the provided link to download the exam skill outline. Go through the exam skill outline to review the topics covered on the exam and also note the estimated percentages of each topics. This is important as the percentages gives an idea of what is more important for the exams. On the exam page, MS also provides suggested learning paths for exam preparation.

Open any learning path and you will find modules. At this level, you can also see the total recommended time for the learning path as well as for each individual module.

This is very important for exam preparation. In order to best utilize this time information for all of the learning paths for an exam, you will need to create a collection and add all the relevant learning paths to that collection. Click on the + icon on the learning path and add it to a collection. The first time you do it, you will need to create the collection. For subsequent additions, you can select on the created collection. There are multiple advantages of creating a collection:

  • It provides you total recommended time required to complete all the learning paths and modules
  • It shows your progress as percentage completion
  • You can add any learning path or module which you feel is required for exam prep from the learn website.
  • It can be shared with other persons via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Email

So now when you start your exam preparation, you can keep an eye on your progress (in percentage completion terms) which provides extra motivation. Further based on the study guide, you can add all relevant learning paths and ensure that all topics are covered. This point is important because what I have noticed is that the MS provided recommended learning paths sometimes do not cover the whole of the study guide.

I hope this provide you with some good tips on how to effectively prepare and pass the exams.

Happy Learning!!!